How to Buy a House in France

France is a stunning European nation that’s known the world over for many reasons. People associate the country with its lovely language, its amazing cuisine, its historic architectural structures and its rich culture in general. If you’re thinking about relocating to France, then you’re definitely not alone. People gravitate to it for a wealth of reasons. The idea of living in the rolling hills of the French countryside can be appealing. The thought of residing in a cozy and medieval town in any part of the country can be just as compelling to many.

If you’re thinking about relocating to scenic and historic France, the concept of purchasing a residence may be on your radar. If you want to purchase a French home, however, you don’t have to go into a state of panic. That’s because Provence Life is accessible to serve you. We’re a high-end real estate firm that caters to people who are thinking about buying homes in the picturesque Provence region of France. We’re headquartered in Bonnieux.

We present clients with an array of pertinent real estate specialties. If you feel confused and overwhelmed about initiating the process of searching for a suitable Provence property, never fear. Our team members are some of the most diligent, focused, knowledgeable and experienced real estate professionals in the business. They have in-depth knowledge that relates to the sizable real estate market in Provence as well. It doesn’t matter what size home you want to purchase in France. It doesn’t matter what kind of property style you want to discover, either. Our consultants can all point you in a direction that’s logical and meaningful. We know the ins and outs of brand new properties. We know the ins and outs of homes that are situated in villages and on farms. We can even aid you with residences that are in particularly rural and bucolic settings. If you have any questions that involve remodeling and pinpointing an area that’s suitable for your temperament and aspirations, we can answer them all for you without issue.

People who are fond of serenity often gravitate to areas by Goult or Lourmarin. People who want a bit more vitality, on the other hand, frequently gravitate to homes that are close to Avignon and Aix, among others. If you’re contemplating a French home purchase, we can assist you. Reach out to the pleasant Provence Life team now.…


Investing in solar energy has become very popular in recent years. It is because solar panels have grown 50% cheaper since 2011 and have been actively encouraged by subsidies. The Belgian who invests in solar panels makes a smart financial investment. Especially in the cases where an increase in the price of energy goes for a long term.

The installation of luminous solar requires a significant investment; it is essential to accurately evaluate this choice and know how to save money without going dramatically in the red on his bank account.

Why choose solar power

There are two main reasons for installing solar panels on your roof affirms Scott from Luminous Solar: the first is to save a lot of money, the second is to help protect the environment

  • Save money on your energy bill

It’s no longer a secret that you can save on your energy bill thanks to the efficiency of your solar panels. The savings can be up to 50%, but vary considerably depending on several factors, for example, the number of solar panels, the position relative to the sun, the slope of the roof (ideally 30 to 35 degrees) and the shadow on the reflectors.

But did you know that you could also save on buying and installing your solar panels? Do not blindly choose the first ad you find on the Internet because price and installation cost vary from one company to another. Comparing offers is an essential step in the purchase process, which you can quickly do on this site. It is all the more crucial because choosing the right supplier can save you up to 40% just on the purchase price of your solar panels.

  • Protect the environment

Have you ever thought about your carbon footprint? Our planet suffers from the increasing world population, which is traveling more and therefore requires more energy for transportation, heating, and electrical equipment. We need to have an awareness to use more sustainable energy sources. While the energy produced in Belgium still comes mainly from nuclear power plants, you can choose to use sunlight as a natural source and less expensive.

The future of solar energy

Solar energy production is booming, and this phenomenon will continue to grow over the next few years. Fossil fuels are becoming scarce; the International Energy Agency estimates that we have crossed the peak of conventional oil production in 2006. Difficult to envisage as a sustainable solution, nuclear generates waste that we do not know not recycle. For example uranium 238, which is radioactive for 4.5 billion years (3)! The only solution is for the moment to bury these residues, pending possible technological evolutions to better treat them. The nuclear pollution …

Renovate your bathroom with these aesthetics.

There are several reasons that could compel you to renovate your bathroom; and whether you have an immediate need or simply wish to make a change to a space whose aesthetical nature might have begun to bore you, it is important to realize not only how difficult the remodeling process can be but the expenses it can attract.

+Tips for Bathroom Remodels

For all the complexities that tend to arise during bathroom remodeling, it is possible to maneuver the process successfully without attracting any undue stress, some effective tips for Bathroom remodels including the following:


It is essential to remember just how long it can take for your orders to arrive, especially when dealing with large items. As such, before tearing your tiles out or taking a drill to some sensitive places, first make certain that you have everything on hand, this including the lighting and plumbing fixtures. Patience is a difficult habit to muster, especially when you have to wait for several weeks. However, as the experts at Joel & Co. Construction advise, “Waiting to first have everything on hand is far better than tearing your bathroom apart and making it unusable until the necessary components arrive.”


Do not restrict yourself to a select few home centers (who are often limited in their offerings) when trying to acquire the necessary items for the remodeling process. And considering just how long orders from online stores can take to arrive at their destination, it is essential that you diversify, taking advantage of the wider variety of items and brands independent stores can often boast and at surprisingly lower prices.

Do not settle for the very first store or center you encounter; look hard enough and you are bound to find deals wherever you look.

-Shower storage

Consider panning for storage in the shower area for your soap, shampoo, body wash and the like; and, as opposed to the ugly plastic units hanging from the shower head you will have acclimated to during your college days, consider complimenting your bathroom’s look with build-in-the-wall shelving, this eliminating the risk of knocking your shampoo bottles over as you move about during your bath.

-Shower rod

When shopping for items for your bathroom remodel, consider investing in a curved shower rod; small as that issue might seem, a curved shower rod will add a surprising amount of space to your bathroom. Certainly you will have to pay more, but the appearance of curved rods (and the fact that they are attached to the wall via screws as opposed to tensions, ensuring their stability) is worth the price.…